silicon carbon alloy prices

Silicon-carbon alloy is a by-product of metal silicon, and it has an inherent advantage over metal silicon and ferrosilicon in price. The main reason why silicon alloy is called high carbon silicon abroad is that the content of carbon element in silicon alloy is higher than that in metal silicon, but the silicon element in silicon alloy is almost comparable to silicon iron with the same silicon content. The silicon carbon alloy has become the new star of the industry such as steelmaking, casting and so on.

Silicon Carbon Alloy

silicon carbon alloy price

The price of silicon carbon alloy is the ideal choice to replace ferrosilicon

The silicon carbon alloy is a kind of high carbon element ferroalloy product, the carbon content is in the range of 15-30, but the silicon content can reach the silicon ferrosilicon product content of 65% 55%, the price aspect is lower than the silicon iron is very ideal substitution. The main reason for the low price of ferrosilicon is the reduction of material cost in its production. If only silicon content is ignored by carbon content, silicon alloy is undoubtedly the ideal alternative to ferrosilicon!

Where is the ratio of performance to price of silicon carbon alloy high

Speaking of performance-to-price ratio is a new popular word in modern society, now more and more people are looking forward to it. In the metallurgical industry, silicon carbon alloy is a kind of product with high performance-to-price ratio. Low-cost silicon alloys tend to be popular, so the high cost-performance ratio is increasingly being asked by a growing number of manufacturers.

Huatuo Metallurgical Silicon Carbon Alloy has a high performance-to-price ratio. The reason is that Huatuo Metallurgy has advanced facilities for the production of silicon and carbon alloys in China, equipped with professional production research and development personnel and independent laboratories to ensure that the content of silicon and carbon alloys reaches the standard. And since it is the production of silicon alloy manufacturers, of course, the price is also the price of direct sales manufacturers, very advantageous, quality prices are guaranteed, at the same time, Huatuo metallurgical also has perfect pre-sale after-sales service, so that customers can be worry-free shopping!