silicon carbon alloy ball

silicon carbon alloy ball is the silicon carbon alloy through the specialized crushing equipment crushing the slag through the raw material proportion uses the pressure ball machine compacts, the silicon carbon alloy ball is the smelting metal silicon produces the by-product, Many steelmakers often buy silicon-carbon alloy balls as a reserve to replace ferrosilicon.

Silicon carbon alloy

Silicon carbon alloy ball price ratio is favored by manufacturers!

This is mainly due to the fact that silicon-carbon alloy balls can replace ferrosilicon, which is rich in silicon elements. Compared with ferrosilicon, the content of silicon elements in silicon-carbon alloy spheres is almost equal. But the price of ferroalloy is much lower, so with the price of ferrosilicon skyrocketing, many manufacturers have begun to buy silicon-carbon alloy balls as smelting materials, which can be used to deoxidize and improve the quality of molten steel in the production of common carbon steel. Because the price is cheaper than ferrosilicon, so compared to silicon alloy ball can better reduce the smelting cost and improve the efficiency of manufacturers, so silicon carbon alloy ball is very popular with domestic manufacturers. Now more and more manufacturers begin to use silicon carbon alloy ball as smelting material, and its high cost performance ratio is favored by manufacturers!

The Wholesale advantage of Silicon-Carbon Alloy Ball is the most commonly used form of Purchasing by Manufacturers

Large quantities of silicon and carbon alloy balls can be purchased by manufacturers with more concessions. At the same time, they can save hundreds of tons compared with retail and wholesale, and can also get professional pre-sale after-sales service. If you have any problems in use, you can consult with the silicone alloy ball manufacturers. In packaging, some of the silicon alloy ball manufacturers will also use a new tonnage belt for wholesale customers to further ensure the safety of the transport of goods. So the wholesale of silicon carbide balls has an advantage, and many manufacturers are happy to use this way to purchase, which is the most commonly used form of purchasing.