silicon carbide 88

Silicon carbide 88 is a kind of composite silicon product by carbonization process and can improve the steel making technology in steel industry. Compared to traditional steel making materials, silicon carbide 88 has a slower deoxidation time advantage that can improve efficiency in steel making processing. So silicon carbide is the ideal choice for the steel manufacturers in the situation of environmental protection. Anyang Huatuo Metallurgy, professional silicon carbide 88 suppliers, will offer high quality and competitive price silicon carbide 88 for customers.


Silicon carbide 88: Si content is about 60-63%, carbon content is 27%m, the size is about 0-10mm. So the advantages of silicon carbide 88 is various as following:

  • Prevent precipitation carbides, increase the amount of ferrite, reduce white cast;
  • Increase cutting and drunkenness significantly, improve mechanical performance;
  • Increase liquidity, make the molten metal composition stability, prevent segregation phenomenon;
  • Reduce the wall thickness sensitivity, make compact structure, smooth cutting face;
  • Reinforce graphite nuclear capability and increase graphite core;
  • Silicon carbide 88 is a strong deoxidizer for ductile iron. It can not reduce the addition ration of nodulizer but improve the rate of spheroidiztion;
  • Restore a rusted waste and alloy, reduce the cost of molten iron;
  • Eliminate iron liquid oxidation factors, reduce oxidation furnace wall, extend the service of the furnace wall of 30%;
  • Purify the molten iron, powerful deoxygenation.

In addition, silicon carbide 88 application is various in daily life.
1.The non-ferrous metal smelting industry application
With high temperature resistance, strong strength, good heat conduction performance and impact resistance, silicon carbide 88 is used as high temperature indirect heating material such as strong retort furnace.
2.Iron and steel industry
With corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance to abrasion, good heating conduction characteristics, silicon carbide 88 is used for large blast furnace to prolong the service life.
3.Metallurgical processing industry
Silicon carbide hardness is second to diamond. Due to strong wear resistance, silicon carbide 88 is ideal material for wear-resistance pipe, the impeller, pump room, cyclone and ore bucket lined.
4.Building materials ceramic grinding and wheel industry
Using coefficient of thermal conductivity, thermal radiation and characteristics of high strength, silicon carbide 88 can manufacture sheet kiln furniture. It can not only reduce the capacity of kiln furniture but also improve the loading capacity of the kiln and product quality, shorten the production cycle. So it is an ideal of ceramic glaze baking sintering indirect materials.
5.Energy efficiency
With good thermal conductivity and thermal stability, silicon carbide 88 is used as heat ex-changer. Decrease burn-up by 20%, saving fuel by 35%; improve productivity by 20-30%