silicon carbide 70# 80# 90# applications

Many people are still very strange to casting. Most of the iron products we often see in daily life are made by steel mills. But in fact, as scrap resources gradually shrink, casting products slowly begin to popularize our Life, like the valves and knives we use, are many products of casting. Now casting products are not only found in instruments and medical devices, but also in the aviation, automobiles, machine tools, ships, steam turbines, etc.

The reason why casting is popular is mainly because of its unique advantages. Compared with steelmaking, the simple life of casting process is more durable than steelmaking products. Compared with steelmaking, the cost of steelmaking is greatly reduced compared with steelmaking, which effectively improves the efficiency of manufacturers. The casting process still needs a certain smelting material. Silicon carbide is one of the indispensable raw materials!

Not all silicon carbide is suitable for casting process. When purchasing silicon carbide, it should be used for the purchase of special cast silicon carbide products according to the requirements of the products produced, such as casting used in casting gray cast iron, ductile iron and graphite cast iron. Silicon carbide is different.

What are the models of cast silicon carbide?

The most widely used cast silicon carbide is 70# silicon carbide, 88# silicon carbide, 90# silicon carbide. In casting, different grades of cast silicon carbide can be produced according to the ferroalloy requirements of the product process to produce different chemical reactions and effect casting. Casting products of different quality, when the temperature is lower than 1620 ° C, the carbon in the cast silicon carbide will act as a deoxidizer, so that less stable oxides such as iron oxide and manganese oxide are reduced by chemical reaction. When the temperature is higher than 1620 ° C (for example, during smelting), silicon in silicon carbide will take up all the deoxidation tasks, while carbon acts as a recarburizer and its yield can reach 100%.

Casting silicon carbide plays a vital role in the casting process. Casting drivers also know that using 70# silicon carbide, 88# silicon carbide, and 90# silicon carbide in the casting process can often greatly reduce the whiteness of casting. It is good to improve the flow performance of molten iron, which effectively reduces the casting time. The cast silicon carbide also has the characteristics of pre-incubation. In the process of producing ductile iron, 70# silicon carbide, 88# silicon carbide and 90# silicon carbide can often promote graphite. The initial gestation of the chemical, improve the distribution of graphite and effectively improve the quality of cast iron products.

Casting silicon carbide plays an indispensable role in the casting process. Common cast silicon carbide is 70# silicon carbide, 88# silicon carbide, 90# silicon carbide, and cast silicon carbide grades used in the production of different cast products. Not all the same, through the use of reasonable and correct cast silicon carbide products can better produce high quality casting products!

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