silicon barium can improve the structure and properties inoculant for cast iron

Inoculant for Cast iron, as a wear-resistant material, has only been used in industry for more than 40 years, and it will form uneven wear on the friction surface, which is very beneficial to the retention of lubricating oil film. In the production of cast iron, a kind of multicomponent alloy of silicon and barium is usually put in. In order to improve the microstructure and properties of cast iron, the melting of cast iron needs to be carried out in oxidizing atmosphere. The dissolved elements in molten iron can be oxidized through three reactions, and the barium and carbon in molten iron can be oxidized by adding silicon barium. 

Silicon barium inoculant for cast iron can improve cast iron structure and properties many people do not even know!

The distribution morphology of cast iron can be improved effectively by adding silicon barium in cast iron. The graphite shape of cast iron is E type distribution before adding silicon barium, but after adding silicon barium, it becomes A type distribution, at the same time, there is a small amount of E type distribution. In addition, when barium silicon and ferrosilicon alloy are used, graphite is distributed in form A, graphite length is slightly increased and distribution is more uniform, so barium silicon can effectively improve the structure of cast iron.


Barium silicon inoculant for cast iron can also improve the properties of cast iron. Using barium silicon can make the mass fraction of B in cast iron greater than 0.08. Compared with the previous addition, the boron in cast iron is increased by 0.07%, and during solidification, the boron in cast iron is greatly increased by 0.07%. When boron is enriched to a certain extent, boron carbides will be precipitated and the properties of cast iron will be improved effectively.

Now more and more foundry begin to use barium silicate as inoculant and spheroidizing agent, which can effectively improve the structure and properties of cast iron while reducing the cost. And for some of the manufacturers who have not come into contact with barium silicon, they do not even know that there is such a big role in silicon and barium!