silicon-barium calcium alloy

The mixed smelting of silicon-barium calcium alloy is the compound of reducing calcium and barium by using carbonaceous and siliceous reductant, and the silicon-barium calcium alloy is obtained. The condition of reducing calcium oxide is first created in the furnace, and the silicon calcium alloy is obtained, and then the barium ore is reduced by silicon as reductant. Si-barium calcium alloy was obtained. The process of smelting silicon-barium calcium alloy by mixing method synthesizes the technological characteristics of the carbon-thermal method and the electrosilicothermic method. It can not only obtain the same grade alloy quality as the carbon-heating method, but also lower the impurity content. There are many different types of silicon, barium, calcium and calcium, which can be divided into the following categories.

Sibarium Calcium Alloy

Si-barium calcium alloy is a new type of high efficient composite ferroalloy in barium system. It is a deoxidizer, desulphurizer and BaP2,BaP3 for steelmaking. It is also a inoculant and modifier in casting.

Barium can effectively reduce the vapor pressure of calcium and increase the solubility of calcium in molten steel. Compared with calcium silicate alloy, the content of calcium in molten steel is about 2 times that of silicon calcium alloy, even when the calcium content is half of that of silicon calcium alloy, the content of calcium in molten steel is about 2 times as much as that in silicon calcium alloy. Moreover, the stability of calcium in molten steel is also improved significantly. This shows that barium can effectively protect calcium in slag, reduce the volatilization and oxidation of calcium, and thus achieve the purpose of treating molten steel calcium.

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