When the newcomer founder stepped into the foundry, he often saw that the master would stir up the recarburizer into the molten iron from time to time. Some newcomers were very puzzled. Why do you have to stir it up? Actually, Don't look at this simple and confusing learning can be big! The master will tell you the secret!


Stirring is a very common action for casting. This is because the stirring can make the molten iron evenly improve the flow performance, and the stirring of the recarburizing agent can effectively improve the recarburizer and the molten iron. Contact area, thereby increasing the efficiency of carbon addition. In the case where the recarburizer and the charge are added to the furnace, the efficiency of the recarburizer can be improved by stirring, and the recarburizer can be placed when the recarburizer is used. At the bottom of the bag, when you tap the iron, you can directly rush into the bag. Remember to put the recarburizer on the surface of the molten iron after the iron is not produced!

Therefore, do not underestimate the subtle movements, which can effectively improve the casting effect of the recarburizer and increase the absorption rate. This has a very important role in saving costs and improving product quality. Need to stir up, it is no wonder that the master often does this!

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