purpose of inoculation in casting

Inoculations have wide applications not only in the steel making industry but also in castings. The main reason is that the inoculant has excellent performance and low price. The foundry has been trying to reduce the production cost. So the inoculant is an ideal choice for foundry.


In the smelting production of casting molds, substances which can promote heterogeneous nucleation are intentionally added to the liquid alloy, so that the number of crystal nuclei is greatly increased as well as obtained a fine grain structure. This method is called inoculation in casting by artificially utilizing heterogeneous nucleation to refine grains.

The purpose of inoculation in casting
The inoculation process of casting molds is the most commonly used in the methods of refining casting grains in casting production. Before casting, adding a certain amount of inoculant to the liquid alloy under certain conditions can change the solidification process of the steel making alloy and improve the crystal structure so as to achieve the purpose of updating the performance of the iterative casting.
The inoculation process of smelting molds is used in cast steel, cast iron and smelting non-ferrous alloys. For example, steel can be added with a small amount of aluminum before crystallization to obtain grain-refined steel castings. The graphite and matrix structure of ordinary gray cast iron are coarser. After the inoculant is added, a large number of uniformly distributed crystal nucleus can be simultaneously formed in the molten iron to obtain fine and uniform graphite and to refine the matrix to improve the strength of gray cast iron. In some cases, adding the inoculant can be mechanically hindered, they adsorb on the surface of the nucleus, hinder the growth of the nucleus. Besides, inoculant also plays a role in refining grains such as aluminum-silicon alloys, adding a small amount of sodium before crystallization. Salt (mass fraction 0.01% to 0.1%) can double the strength of aluminum-silicon alloy castings and increase the elongation by nearly three times.

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