precautions casting carburant

Precautions casting carburant:

Use a power furnace of 5T, single stable raw material, we recommend scattered addition method, according to the amount of carbon content, according to the ingredients, add carburant and the metal furnace with each batch together with each batch, one layer of metal carburant agent with a layer of furnace, and the absorption rate of carbon can reach 90% to 95%, and the carburant does not slump when melting, otherwise it is easy to wrap it in the waste residue, affecting the absorption of carbon.

Using 3T-free electric induction electric furnace, single stable raw material is single and stable, recommended to simultaneously melting or remaining in the furnace, the addition of carburantl will be added to the surface of the iron water, and immediately add metal furnace. Press the carburant into the iron water so that the carburant is sufficiently contacted with iron water, and the absorption rate is over 90%.