nodularizer can still pick like this, before you all pick wrong

Spheroidizing agents are often used in the steelmaking and cast iron industries. It can be said that various manufacturers in the industry purchase spheroids very frequently. In the method of selecting nodulizers, manufacturers have already set up their own methods for selecting nodulizing agents. Some of the right methods for selecting spheroidizing agents can be selected of good quality, but in case the chosen nodularizer selection method is wrong, the gain will outweigh the loss, mainly because the manufacturer is not really aware of the spheroidizing agent as a product. It turns out that the nodularizer can be picked like this, before you are wrong!

How can we select the nodularizer correctly? The correct method is to select according to the manufacturer's requirements, so that at least there will be no situation in which the purchased nodularizer cannot be used.

1. In the smelting of pearlite cast iron in medium frequency furnace, a magnesium spheroidizing agent containing 6% or 7% magnesium can be selected. According to the wall thickness of casting and the sulphur content of molten iron, the appropriate amount of spheroidizing agent can be determined, and the scope of application is wide, and the spheroidizing treatment process is broad.

2. The spheroidizing treatment of molten iron with low sulfur in medium frequency furnace should include 4% mg and 5.5% mg respectively, which can make the spheroidization reaction slow and the spheroidizing elements easy to be fully absorbed.

3. When using cupola smelting to select and purchase high magnesium nodulizer, it is generally required that the sulphur content is 0.06% -0.09% of molten iron, and the amount of nodulizing agent is between 1.6% and 2.0%.

4. If the production tends to produce subcutaneous blooms or requires aluminum content in molten iron to be required, buy low aluminum nodularizing agents for use

5. If you need a large amount of recharge, use a low silicon spheroidizer

Only by mastering the method of selecting spheroidizing agent can you select the spheroidizing agent correctly, quickly and accurately. You can save a lot of effort in selecting the spheroidizing agent, and see if you feel that the spheroidizing agent can still be picked in this way. I've been wrong before!

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