monocrystalline silicon metal

The silicon is a very common element, however it rarely appears as a single substance in nature, it usually in the form of complex silicates or silica, thus the commonly mentioned silicon needs to be separated from the compound then purify further, then the silicon can be divided into silicon metal, monocrystalline silicon and polysilicon according to its purity and application. The finished product path of silicon is always silica-Industry silicon (silicon metal)-polysilicon -monocrystalline silicon.


The silicon metal is melted in the electric furnace with the raw material of quartz and coke, the main elements is silicon, and the content of silicon is general in 98% more or less. It can be divided into 553, 441,1101,2202 etc according to the different content of ferro,aluminum, calcium: the 553 means the content of ferro 0.5%,aluminum 0.5% and calcium 0.3% (according to gravimetric method), the 441 means the content of ferro 0.4%, aluminum 0.4% and calcium 0.1%, the 1101 means the content of ferro 0.1%, aluminum 0.1% and calcium 0.01%,the 2202 means the content of ferro 0.2%,aluminum 0.2% and calcium 0.02%.

The polysilicon refers to an electronic material purified by a series of physical and chemical reactions from industrial silicon.

The monocrystalline silicon is a rod-shaped monocrystallineline silicon which is grown from the melt by straight-pull or suspended zone melting.

Silicon metal is generally used to melt the ferro silicon, calcium silicon etc alloys,it is a good composition of aluminum alloy, almost all casting aluminum alloy include the silicon.

monocrystalline silicon is used to manufacture semiconductor device, solar cell etc. 

The polysilicon is used to manufacture polished section, solar cell and used as the main material for high purity products, it is the based raw material for information Industry and new energy resources Industry.

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