micro silica fume for oil well cementing

Micro silica fume for oil well cementing can enable a oil well to achieve full production potential. Among of silica fume suppliers, Anyang Huatuo Metallurgy is trusted and reliable supplier for silica fume purchaser. Moreover, the silica fume price is acceptable for lots of buyer. Because the silica fume price is with Besides manufacturing a blocking effect in the oil well grout can prevent gas migration which provides these advantages as following:

Improve flow, much easier, more effective application;
Dramatically decrease permeability, for better control of gas leakage;
Increase durability and compressive strength;

Cementing is an essential operation in the drilling process, while oil well cementing is a key material for sealing casing and the annular space of the well bore. Because the oil well is deep and shallow, underground has atmospheric pressure and normal temperature, high pressure and high temperature. So micro silica fume is an important factor in the oil well cementing.


The Advantages of Micro Silica Fume for Oil Well Cementing:
1.The applications of micro silica fume with low density formula cement is good mixing finished products and there are less material in the well. Micro silica fume improves the artificial mixing material and loading and unloading in the oilfield and reduces the working time as well as the difficulty of the cementing operation.

2. Micro silica fume with high pulping rate and low density formula cement can reduce the usage of well entry materials and reduce the cementing cost. It is estimated that adding micro silica fume with low density formula cement can reduce 33% raw materials and achieve the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction.

3.Due to micro silica fume with low density formula cement, there will be well segments with poor cementing quality in permeable water layer and high pressure gas well cementing section, it can reduce the condition of long cementing and sealing section and pressure leakage, which is still room for improvement in the application of silicon fume powder low density.