iron disulfide

Iron disulfide is a kind of iron alloy product containing sulfur element. It is mainly made of pyrite as raw material for smelting and is smelted by electric furnace. It has an important role in iron and steel casting. However, sulfur is a harmful element and therefore many work. When smelting, people often neglect to add iron disulfide under appropriate conditions, resulting in a decline in product quality. What role does iron disulfide have? Don't underestimate!

Iron disulfide has a wide range of applications in steelmaking. It can effectively improve the cutting performance of steel. At the same time, it can also change the shape of inclusions in molten steel, and promote the effective holding of impurities in molten steel, which makes the slag removal process greatly difficult and effective. Improve the purity of molten steel!

Iron disulfide can also be used in casting, which can effectively promote the precipitation of elements in iron alloy materials, thereby achieving a good chemical reaction. At the same time, it can improve the distribution of graphite in the production of graphite cast iron, and effectively improve the product quality of graphite cast iron. Putting a certain proportion of iron disulfide in gray cast iron can also improve the mechanical properties of gray cast iron!

After understanding the role of iron sulphide, it is not difficult to find that iron sulphide has such an important role in steelmaking casting. As a manufacturer's staff, the use of iron sulphide should not be neglected, resulting in a decline in product quality. Occur, so don't underestimate iron disulfide!

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