inoculation of casting

Inoculantion techniques include two meanings: one aspect is the choice of gemmatic agents, and on the other hand, it is the choice of gestation method.


1.Selection of types of inoculant

Because of the different cases of castings, the effect is different, the requirements for the cast iron matrix are different. According to the requirements of the castings to select proper inoculant. Most of the gray cast iron is a matrix of pearls, so most of the gestational agents used in cast iron is pearlite gem. The ductile cast iron is required to have a pearctive matrix, and there is a ferritic substrate, and there is a mixed matrix, so it is more selective, and the selection range is wider.

In addition, the particle size selection of inoculant is also important. The larger size is not easily dissolved when the melting point higher, if melting is not easy to diffuse, it will cause a large concentration undulation and temperature fluctuations in the iron water, and it is easy to produce a carburder. The small size type is not easy to diffuse because there is electrostatic adsorption, it could not reach the inoculation effect, and another special reason is that most cast production plant are used fan or exhaust fan for cooling, if the size small, the wind will have an effect on the dose in cascade, thereby affecting the gestation effect.

The melting point of inoculant is also very important. If the melting point low, the recession will be fast, if melting point higher, it is not easy to merge and diffuse.

2.The selection of ways of inoculant

If divided the ways according to the time of iron water pouring into the mold, It can divided into before treatment and after treatment, the inoculation before the pouring is called before treatment, and after the pouring is called after treatment.

The before treatment: the iron tank inoculation, carrier inoculation and the silicon inoculation, etc, after treatment include wire inoculation, breeding inoculation, mold inside inoculation, etc.

What important is that the time of inoculation, the quantity of before treatment if very large, about 0.5 to 1.0% of the iron water weight, and after treatment is about 0.1 to 0.5% of the iron water weight. 

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