inoculants in casting

How to adjust the amount of inoculant added? Casting inoculant master with experience

In the cast iron industry, a certain amount of inoculant is added to the molten iron before the pouring of the molten iron to change the solidification process of the molten iron and improve the as-cast structure. Thereby achieving the performance of the casting and the casting is more perfect. So many workers masters will ask, how much should be added? How to adjust the amount of inoculant added? Henan Huatuo Metallurgical Co., Ltd. invited the master of the foundry technical cooperation for many years to teach you his experience summary:

Silicon barium inoculant

(1) Ductile iron is generally added more than the inoculant of gray cast iron.

(2) If the molten iron is inoculated after treatment, the amount of addition should be increased due to the decline of pregnancy.

(3) Thin-walled castings are prone to white mouth, and the amount of inoculant added should be increased accordingly.

(4) When there is a large amount of slag in the molten iron, since the inoculant is in contact with the slag, it will be wrapped and it is difficult to melt, so the amount of addition is correspondingly increased.

(5) Excessive addition of the inoculant may cause problems such as excessive slag, a decrease in the temperature of the molten iron, and shrinkage of the bovine by the eutectic group. If the inoculant is too large, it will not be able to evenly fertilize the molten iron. The unmelted inoculant will also be poured into the cavity; if the block is too small, it will easily oxidize and cause slag, and it is prone to gestation and decline.

(6) The inoculant used in the inoculation method is small, generally 0.2~0.8mm, and the added amount is 0.05%~0.2%; the block size of the inoculation method is generally ≤0.25mm, and the added amount is ≤ 0.1%;

The weight of the remaining inoculation method is generally 1-3mm or 3~8mm, and the addition amount is 0.1%~0.8%.