how to test the contents of micro silica

Micro silica is very broad in the actual engineering applications. And due to elemental silicon characteristics, it leads to micro silica during the using, the difference of content for engineering in the actual effect is very serious. When we purchase micro silica, or purchase finished micro silica. So you need to test the contents of micro silica in order to reduce the content not up to standard resulting in the uses of obstacles.


It is very complicated for professional micro silica powder testing instrument in actual applications. And the results are more difficult to get fast. Therefore, there is a simple method to test micro silica, which can be more fast to get the results.

One method is that: put water and micro silica in a ratio of 4 to 6 to fusion, plus some dispersant, we will usually use 3 trimerization, sometimes, we also use P530. Pour on the smooth glass plate, then observe its flow, the flow of natural enough area can be achieved through the area we will be able to know the content of silica fume.

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