how to improve the effect of ferroalloy silicon barium

As a new type of steel-making material, barium silicate naturally does not have to say too much about its excellent effect in use, but when it is used, the feedback from the manufacturer is usually not satisfactory, but the feedback from some manufacturers is very good, the same ferroalloy product. But in the use of different manufacturers produced a very large difference, which very much to the production of silicon barium manufacturers were surprised, this is what is going on? Through the analysis of a conclusion, the reason is that the use of poor results in the use of barium in the use of the method of the problem, resulting in the use of barium silicon greatly reduced the effect!

Step into the topic, how can we improve the use of barium silicon? Professional silicon barium manufacturer Huatuo metallurgical summary and share a few points, I believe can effectively improve the use of barium silicon and improve the efficiency of manufacturers!

How to improve the use of ferroalloy silicon barium learn to improve the efficiency of manufacturers!

1. If the cleanliness and properties of molten steel are to be improved, the effect of adding certain calcium elements into a certain proportion of silicon barium can be remarkable.

2. If the performance of molten steel must reach gb7.0-88, according to the actual use of silicon barium to deoxidize before putting barium calcium products to improve the performance of molten steel!

3. If the liquid steel is required to have a certain reduction capacity, a certain amount of silicon and barium products can be put in, which can effectively improve the fluidity of molten steel, and at the same time, it can avoid the problem of plugging the nozzle of the smelting furnace, and the service life of the smelting furnace can be prolonged by using it for a long time.

4. Some manufacturers will use calcium silicate to smelting steel, in fact, cheaper silicon barium can also achieve its effect, and in the cost of effective reduction, improve the efficiency of manufacturers!

Still worried about the use of barium silicon? Through the above explanation, I believe that many manufacturers can better use this product, effectively improve the use of barium silicon, so that their own manufacturers benefit has been improved!