how to choose high quality silicon slag

Silicon slag can be used for casting deoxidation. The effect is better than that of bulk ferrosilicon. However, it must be used carefully in the selection of silicon slag. Otherwise, if the cost is more than the ordinary block ferrosilicon, then it will not be worth the loss. The old driver There is a good way to choose silicon slag. Let's talk about how to distinguish silicon slag.


  First of all, we start with raw materials to judge whether the silicon residue is good or bad.

  The manufacturers familiar with silicon slag know that the main raw material of silicon slag is ferrosilicon slag, which is ground into powder and made into silicon slag. The main smelting materials of ferrosilicon slag are silica, coke, etc., in which silica is very Important is also an important factor in determining the quality of silicon slag, so the application of silica is an important part of smelting silicon slag.

  Then we are talking about the second raw material that affects the quality of silicon slag - coke

  Coke as a combustion improver and heating material for smelting silicon slag is also an important factor affecting the quality of silicon slag. The control of coke should be lower in black cloth and less in water. Why is this controlled? That is because if If the ash is too high, it will affect the air permeability of the ferrosilicon. If the water content is too high, it will affect the stability of the furnace temperature and affect the quality of the silicon slag!

  Well, through the understanding of how to distinguish between good and bad silicon slag, I hope that manufacturers who need to purchase silicon slag should also start with the raw materials used to produce silicon slag to avoid the high price of inferior products. improve product quality!

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