high carbon ferro chrome manufacturer

Ferrochrome is the most important raw material for the production of stainless steel. Because the chromium plays a decisive role in stainless steel. While the raw materials for smelting high carbon ferro chrome are chrome ore, coke and silica. High carbon ferro chrome is mainly used in manufacturing stainless steel. For example, 200 series stainless steel contains about 16% chromium, 300 series stainless steel contains about 25% chromium, and 400 series stainless steel  contains about 14% chromium. Above all, the 300 series stainless steel with the largest demand for ferro chrome is also the largest proportion of stainless steel production.


Besides, high-carbon ferro chrome is hard, wear-resistant and high temperature resistance which are very common. And it is widely used in many industries. However, high carbon ferro chrome manufacturer think that the main applications of high carbon ferro chrome still have two lines. One is the metallurgical industry, and the other is a good application in the refractory industry. Anyang huatuo metallurgy, professional high carbon ferro chrome manufacturer and supplier, will bring you a detailed introductions on these two aspects.

In the metallurgical industry, high carbon chromite is mainly used to manufacture carbon ferro chrome and high carbon ferrochrome with low metal. Carbon ferro chrome as a steel additive can produce a variety of special steels with strength, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and oxidation resistance such as stainless steel, acid resistant steel, heat resistant steel, ball bearing steel, spring steel, tool steel and so on. Metal carbon ferro chrome is mainly used for smelting special alloys with elements like cobalt, nickel and tungsten. These special steels and special alloys are indispensable materials of the production of guns, missiles, rockets and ships in the aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding and defense industries.

For refractory materials, high carbon ferro chrome is used to manufacture carbon crhromite bricks, carbon ferrochrome magnesium bricks and other special refractory materials. Carbon chromite iron is mainly used in the chemical industry to produce heavy carbon chromite. Carbon ferro chrome compounds are used in pigments, textiles, electroplating, tanning and other industries as well as catalysts.