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Silicon-barium (calcium) inoculant is a massive metallurgical material made by mixing silicon powder and barium powder in a proportion according to demand, and then steelmaking in a high-temperature furnace. It is an additive in the casting process of foundries. It has the characteristics of promoting graphitization, reducing the tendency of white mouth, improving the shape and distribution of graphite, increasing the number of eutectic clusters, and refining the matrix structure. It is a short time after inoculation treatment Within (about 5-8 minutes) there are good results. So what is the specific role of silicon barium inoculant? Why are many foundries looking for silicon barium inoculants? The following is shared by Hengxing Metallurgical Engineers:

The main function of silicon barium inoculant:

  1. Strongly increase the graphitization core, refine the graphite, promote the A-type graphite in the gray iron castings, and improve the strength. For the ductile iron castings, the graphite in the ductile iron can be made smaller and rounded, and the spheroidization level can be improved.

  2. It can effectively reduce the subcooling of molten iron, promote the precipitation of graphite, significantly reduce the tendency of white mouth, reduce the relative hardness, and improve the cutting performance of castings.

  3. Strong anti-decay ability. The anti-decay time is twice that of 75 silicon. The addition amount of silicon barium inoculant is lower than half of 75 silicon inoculant, while preventing the associated spheroidization and recession.

  4. Low wall thickness sensitivity, improve section uniformity and reduce shrinkage tendency.

  5. The chemical composition is stable, the processing particle size is uniform, and the composition and quality deviation are small.

       6. Low melting point (less than 1300°), easy to absorb melting during inoculation, and there is very little scum.

Common ingredients of silicon barium inoculant:65 Barium 2.0-6.0 Calcium: 1.0-2.0 Aluminum 1.0-2.0

Common particle size of silicon barium inoculant: 0.2-0.8mm, 1-3 mm, 3-8mm, 8-15mm can also be customized


It is inoculated by the method of flushing in the bag. The adding method, particle size and precautions are the same as that of ferrosilicon, and the addition amount can be reduced by 30-50% compared with ferrosilicon. Inoculation temperature: high grade gray iron 1450-1500℃, general gray iron and ductile iron 1380-1450°C.

Transport Packaging:

Generally, it is packaged in 25 kg sachets individually, and then packed in large bags on the outside.

Silicon-barium inoculant is favored by many foundries because of its obvious effects, optional ingredients and particle size, and more convenient pouch packaging. What is the effect of the inoculant you use? If you have any problems in choosing casting materials, please consult Anyang Huatuo Metallurgy. Specializing in providing ferrosilicon, ferromanganese, nodulizer, recarburizer and other products for foundries.