ferrochrome widely used

Ferrochrome is mainly composed of the chrome elements, and the production method of the ferrochrome in the production can be divided into the refining method and the electric silicon thermal method, the application of the ferrochrome is widely applied to the steel-making industry, and the application of the ferrochrome in the steel-making industry is the largest, and is a necessary iron alloy product for producing special steel such as stainless steel and the like.

In order to produce good ferrochrome, some skills are needed. First of all, in terms of material selection, the metallurgical material used to produce ferrochrome should have a higher viscosity and a higher melting point, and the smelting process temperature must be high. In addition to the chromium ore that can produce ferrochrome, Si-Cr alloy is another raw material for the production of ferrochrome. The silicon in the Si-Cr alloy reduces the oxides of chromium and iron in the chromium ore, so that ferrochrome can be smelted. The production of ferrochrome with silicon chromium alloy is mainly made by electrosilicothermic method. The carbon content of the silicon chromium alloy used as reducing agent can be increased correspondingly by using fixed electric furnace and self-baked electrode.

Ferrochrome has irreplaceable position in steelmaking industry because of its own advantages, mainly used in the production of stainless steel, ball bearing steel, tool steel, nitriding steel, heat strength steel, quenched and tempered steel, Carburizing steel and hydrogen resistant steel and other special steels. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel can be greatly improved only when the chromium content exceeds 12. Therefore, the chromium content in stainless steel is generally not less than 12. So the supply and demand of chromite is closely related to the supply and demand of stainless steel market.

There are still many techniques for producing ferrochrome. Only by knowing more about the small skills of producing ferrochromium can we produce high quality ferrochrome with less cost. On the other hand, the application of ferrochromium is expanding year by year. I believe that there will be even greater development of ferrochrome in the future. Applications of ferrochrome can be seen not only in the steelmaking industry, but also in the cast iron industry and in the aerospace industry. If you still want to know about ferrochrome or have a need for ferrochrome welcome to consult Huatuo Metallurgy we will be dedicated to your service!

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