ferro silicon slag buyers

Ferro Silicon slag buyers are think silicon salg is the solid residue of alumina extracted by fly ash sintering process. The mainstream silicon slag in the market is ferrosilicon slag and metal silicon slag. Because silicon slag mainly contains silicon element, it is widely known as silicon slag in the industry. At present, silicon slag can not only be used for deoxidation in steelmaking industry, but also in cement, concrete, calcium silicate plate and permeable brick industry. However, the use of silicon slag in building materials industry is quite limited because of the high alkali content of silicon slag.

The desulfurization effect of ferroalloy silicon slag buyers is satisfactory.

Silicon slag is also a "star" in the field of deoxidation. Because of its low price and containing silicon, steelmakers are more inclined to produce silicon slag when making steel and purchasing ferroalloy raw materials, while silicon slag also performs well in desulphurization. Mainly because silicon slag contains a lot of alkaline oxides, it can react with sulfur dioxide to form sulphate, and its slurry can be used for flue gas desulfurization.

Silicon slag can be used in desulphurization. What is the effect? The experiment shows that the desulfurization effect of silicon slag can be up to 100% and the duration of 100% desulfurization efficiency is longer than that of limestone slurry under the same conditions, so it can be considered to replace limestone slurry for flue gas desulfurization. The flue gas desulphurization with silica slag can not only reduce the emission of sulfur dioxide in flue gas, but also reduce the alkali pollution in the process of stacking silica slag, which provides a new idea for the comprehensive utilization of calcium silicate slag.

Silicon slag not only can be used for desulphurization, but also has obvious effect in practical use. As a low price ferroalloy product, silicon slag is superior to expensive desulphurizer. Now more ferro silicon slag buyers prefer to use silicon slag as desulphurization smelting material and the use of silicon slag is satisfactory.

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