ferro silicon inoculant in casting

We have always been talking about the application of ferrosilicon in steelmaking, but in fact we have neglected that ferrosilicon can also be used for casting. Some beginners have just stepped into the casting hall and often see some old drivers put silicon iron. Casting into molten iron, which is very difficult for many beginners to understand, what is the role of ferrosilicon in molten iron during casting?

Ferrosilicon can not be placed in molten iron during casting

It is often seen that many masters put ferrosilicon in casting, only know that ferrosilicon has good deoxidation performance, but it is not particularly well understood in casting. Usually, casting beginners often have such feelings, ferrosilicon can not be When casting, it has always been a problem of confusion. The answer is yes. The reason is that silicon iron contains silicon. In the production of nodular cast iron, the formation of crystal nucleus of molten iron requires the principle of silicon to promote the role. Rich in silicon, of course, can be used in molten iron when casting


What is the main role of casting ferrosilicon?

In fact, we see that the ferrosilicon that is put into molten iron is strictly a ferrosilicon inoculant. The ferrosilicon inoculant can play a good role in the fertilization. It can promote the formation of crystal nuclei in the production process of ductile iron. Ferrosilicon inoculants can also improve the cutting performance and toughness of cast iron. Ferrosilicon inoculants are very important cast iron alloy products.

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