ferro silicon aluminum alloy

Ferro silicon aluminum alloy is a multi-element metal eutectic melt. At normal temperature, the solid section is silver-gray and has a metallic luster. Its composition requirements are: Si 20~30%, Al 35%~45%, Fe balance.



At present, there are two methods of producing ferro silicon aluminum alloy in China: one is to mix pure aluminum and pure silicon into a silicon aluminum alloy after smelting, which is to use metal aluminum produced by electrolytic method and industrial silicon as raw materials, and then remelt and mix them in proportion prepared by melting. Second, high-grade bauxite is used to refining aluminum-silicon alloy in a mineral furnace. The high-grade bauxite used for production is scarce and expensive, resulting in tight raw materials and high costs (therefore, the ferro silicon aluminum alloy produced by above method. High prices have forced steel smelters to use ferro silicon instead of aluminum silicon alloys as deoxidizers during steel making, resulting in a decrease in quality of the steel. If ferro silicon aluminum alloys are used during smelting, the amount of air bubbles in the steel can be reduced sensitivity, thereby improving the quality of the steel.)

The ferro silicon aluminum alloys have good casting properties, small coefficient of linear expansion, good wear resistance, and good air tightness. This alloy is widely used in casting complex castings, such as automotive engine castings.

Anyang Huauto has in the ferro silicon aluminum alloys for more than 10 years, because its shape looks like the bread, so we always call it bread iron, it is one type of composite deoxidizer for steel making, it can replace the pure aluminum to add into the steel making furnaces, it is easier to enter into the molten steel and the products from deoxygenation is easy to float up, can improve the pouring properties of molten steel.