cored wire manufacturer

The cored wire technology is a refining method generated bycored wire manufacturer. The alloy cored wire is used for steel making, which can purify steel inclusions, improve the castability of molten steel, and significantly increase the recovery rate of ferroalloys. Reduce alloy consumption, reduce steelmaking costs, and significant economic benefits. The technical specifications of the cored wire are as follows:  First, the feed line calcium treatment of molten steel, steel liquid reaction is stable, to avoid secondary oxidation, the inclusions floating speed is fast, the effect of purifying steel liquid is good. Second, it is conducive to fine-tuning the composition of steel. Third, the alloy yield has increased significantly. Fourth, the feeding line can avoid bringing the gas into the molten steel. Fifth, the feeding line has strong adaptability and wide application range. Sixth, the feeding line is operated by equipment, which is convenient for maintenance, safe in production and does not pollute the environment.

Through the cored wire manufacture process, it can be seen that the cored wire is a means of assisting steel smelting, and the refining method can significantly improve the performance of the steel, which is very beneficial to the reduction of the steelmaking cost of the enterprise.  The cored wire is a conforming product used in steel processing. But cored wire manufacturers usually have some problems in the production. Once the problem occurs, it will have very serious consequences on the quality of the steel. Here are two common problems.

    1. The cored wire is crushed or pulled off and cannot be fed.    Reason: the cored wire is empty, the material is small, the package is not tightly leaked; the cored wire package is not round and the package is not solid; the quality of the steel strip is poor; the roller of the on-line feed machine is too worn, which will cause the cored wire to be fed by the wire feeder. Flat or pulled off the line can not feed. Solution: adjust the equipment, cutting speed and silicon calcium alloy particle size to improve the quality of the cored wire, enter the qualified steel strip, and timely report the roller wear condition to the material unit.    2. Cored wire material leakage.  Solution: Weld the core coil and add the strap. The impact of core quality problems on steel is very serious, so this knowledge is very necessary for cored wire manufacturers.