calcium silicide steelmaking is favored by steelmakers

In recent years, a new type of refractory material has been added to the ferroalloy market, which has attracted the attention of many steelmaking manufacturers soon after it came on the market. This kind of metallurgical material is the new type of calcium silicide , and the appearance of new type of calcium silicide has broken the present situation of the price of traditional metallurgical materials is more expensive. The new type of calcium silicide has the characteristics of low price and good deoxidization desulfurization, and has outperformed the prediction of many manufacturers in practical application.

The most ideal Choice of New calcium silicide compared with traditional Metallurgical Materials in Steel-making Industry

The price of new calcium silicide is cheaper than that of traditional metallurgical materials, but it can be used as a substitute for traditional metallurgical materials. In the practical application of steelmaking, adding a certain proportion of new calcium silicide can deoxidize oxygen in molten steel to below 40ppm. Moreover, the new type of silicon calcium can effectively desulphurize and increase the durability of finished steel and improve the quality of steel. The "affordable" new type of calcium silicide price and good steelmaking effect make the new type of calcium silicide favored by manufacturers.

With the improvement of steelmaking technology, steelmaking factories are demanding more and more metallurgical materials. Among them, metallurgical materials with low price and good effect have become a much-needed product for manufacturers. The appearance of new type of calcium silicide just meets the needs of many steelmaking factories. Huatuo Metallurgy, as an old metallurgical material factory operating for more than ten years, has the most perfect new type of silica calcium production equipment, professional production personnel, new type silicon calcium factory price affordable welcome new type of calcium silicide friends consultation and cooperation.

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