Silicon calcium alloy is a kind of alloy product, which mainly contains silicon element and calcium element. The silicon calcium alloy is the ideal deoxidizer and desulfurizer. The main mode of production is electric furnace production method, some of which are produced by medium frequency furnace. Understand what calcium silicate alloy can quickly understand the product, in practical use can quickly master the use of calcium silicate alloy.


Ca30SI60 is a new ferroalloy product. With the development of science and technology, steel-making technology is constantly upgraded. Traditional metallurgical materials obviously can not meet the needs of steelmaking, and Ca30Si60 is to meet the needs of emerging products.

There are abundant silicon elements and calcium elements in the silicon calcium alloy. In China, it is mainly produced by electric furnace. Because the electric furnace production method consumes a lot of electricity, Ca30si60 is a good deoxidizer and slag discharging agent in steelmaking, because silicon is the main deoxidizing element in steelmaking process, which has good oxygen affinity and good deoxidation effect. Calcium can effectively concentrate impurities in molten steel and remove harmful elements such as sulfur and phosphorus in molten steel. Ca30Si60 can effectively improve the toughness and quality of steel. It is an ideal ferro alloy raw material to save metallurgical cost and increase the profit of manufacturers.