advantages of SiBa inoculant

Silicon Barium inoculant (SiBa inoculant )have many advantages and can be used in metallurgy, machinery industry, additives of iron, steel and non-ferrous metals and alloying agents, parathion, reduction and degassing and purification to improve the mechanical properties and application of materials, SiBa inoculant Reduce the high manganese slag steelmaking process to improve mechanical properties and grain refinement.

SiBa inoculant are mainly used in liquid iron, ductile iron and gray cast iron. SiBa inoculant is mainly used for iron gray iron. The SiBa inoculant can prevent the shrinkage of cast iron. The SiBa inoculant can effectively increase the graphite core. The graphite is refined and promotes the type of graphite gray cast iron. Increased strength, in ductile iron ductile iron castings can make graphite small, roundness, and improve spheroidization grade. The ability to withstand recession and prevent the ball from recession. Wall thickness sensitivity, microstructure.


SiBa inoculant can be very good in reducing the hardness, reducing the hardness and improving the processing performance of the casting. As a breeding agent and a ball in the cast iron industry. Cast iron is an important metal material in modern industry. It is low in price and easy to melt, squid fish. It has excellent casting properties and good ability to cast steel. The addition of a certain amount of ferrosilicon to cast iron prevents the formation of iron carbides and promotes the precipitation of graphite and spheres. Therefore, ductile iron is produced. Ferro silicon alloy is an important modifier (helping graphite precipitation) and spheroidizing agent.

Nowadays, ferroalloy SiBa inoculant are used in various industries by manufacturers. The main reason is that the advantages of SiBa inoculant are well received by manufacturers. Now SiBa inoculant not only have good performance in production and use, but also save cost for manufacturers to upgrade. It also has an irreplaceable advantage. After all, SiBa inoculant are relatively cheaper than traditional metallurgical materials.

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