a minute to master the use of silicon calcium alloy let you play with silicon calcium alloy

Silicate calcium alloy is full of "doubt" for many old birds of ferroalloy, because silicon calcium alloy is a new type of ferroalloy product, silicon calcium alloy is the perfect combination of silicon element and calcium element, and it has strong deoxidation force in steelmaking. Because of its affinity with oxygen, molten steel can be deoxidized without spattering and greatly reduces the chance of staff members being scalded. When the silica-calcium alloy first came out, many manufacturers had a wait-and-see attitude towards it. But as the calcium-silicate alloy slowly enters the metallurgical material market, more manufacturers are slowly accepting the product.

Although silicon-calcium alloys are becoming more and more accepted by manufacturers, new products will eventually become new products, and manufacturers will inevitably have incomplete knowledge of the use of new products, resulting in waste in the use of silicon-calcium alloys. To master the use of silicon calcium alloy has become more and more important, today by the professional silicon calcium alloy manufacturers to introduce the use of silicon calcium alloy, let you master the use of silicon calcium alloy let you play with silicon calcium alloy

To understand the use of silicon-calcium alloys, we must start with the elements they contain, which contain a certain proportion of silicon and calcium and other trace elements. Next, let's focus on introducing the use of silicon-calcium alloys according to the elements contained in your gia alloy.

Application of Silicon element to calcium silicate Alloy

The silicon element is a kind of clich é s element, the application scope is very extensive, but in the silicon calcium alloy here we are only widely used in the steelmaking industry, the silicon element inside the silicon calcium alloy can deoxidize the molten steel very well, has the strong effect deoxidizer function. Because there is a lot of oxygen in molten steel during steelmaking, and a lot of oxides in excess oxygen will affect the quality of steel, the calcium silicate alloy can quickly remove oxygen from molten steel to produce silicon dioxide. Therefore, it has the purpose of purifying molten steel and improving steel quality.

Application of calcium in calcium Alloy

Calcium is an indispensable element in steelmaking. Its main purpose is to improve the fluidity of molten steel and enhance the strength and cutting performance of finished steel. The use of calcium silicate alloy can effectively prevent the occurrence of congestion in the mouth and improve the performance of finished steel by better discharge of impurities in molten steel.

Other uses of calcium silicate alloys

Calcium silicate alloy is also used in the production of high quality steel, special steel, at the same time, silicon calcium alloy also has the use of warming agent, in converter smelting will often be used!

Through the understanding and analysis of the use of calcium silicate alloy, we can quickly grasp the use of calcium silicate alloy, in the future can play with the use of silicon calcium alloy, so that the waste of the situation to the minimum, greatly improve the efficiency of use!

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