Uses of Steelmaking Recarburizer

Iron-making carburizing agent is used for forging, pig iron, steel castings, and castings will have a regulation on carbon. Then the carburizing agent is white to increase the water content of carbon in the molten iron. For example, it is common in smelting. Recycling waste is cast iron, scrap steel, and reprocessed waste. The carbon water content of cast iron is high, but the purchase cost is higher than that of scrap steel. Therefore, the supply of scrap steel is increased, and the supply of cast iron is reduced. Carburant can have a certain effect of reducing the cost of castings. The younger sister of graphitized petroleum coke recarburizer introduces the main uses of iron recarburizer for everyone:

Carburizing agents are suitable for smelting applications in induction heating furnaces, but the actual applications vary according to the processing process regulations.

1. In the application of recarburizer in smelting of intermediate frequency induction furnace, the middle and lower positions of the heating furnace can be added with the material according to the formulation or carbon equivalent regulations, and the utilization rate reaches about 95%;

2. If the amount of carbon is insufficient to adjust the carbon time-sharing chart, first clean the slag in the furnace, add a carbon replenisher, and raise the temperature according to the molten iron, electromagnetic induction mixing or manual service mixing to melt and digest the carbon. The utilization rate can be 90%. Up and down, if the ultra-low temperature carburizing process is used, that is, only a part of the melted back melt is melted, and the molten iron is at a low temperature, all the carburant is added to the molten iron at one time, and the solid reflowed waste is used to press it into the melt It is not allowed to expose the surface of the molten iron. In this way, the carbon content of the molten iron reaches about 1.0%.

The graphitized petroleum coke recarburizer manufacturers are kindly reminded that in the whole process of the smelter, due to poor seasoning or unloading and excessive carburization, sometimes the carbon water content in the steel did not exceed the ceiling requirement. To add carbon to the dissolution. Common carburizing agents are carburizing cast iron, electric grade powder, petroleum coke powder, charcoal powder and coke powder. For medium and high carbon steel grades in converter smelters, petroleum coke with very little residue is used as a carbon recarburizer. The requirements for the carburizing agent for top-blown converter ironmaking are high fixed carbon, low moisture content of ash, volatile matter, sulfur, phosphorus, nitrogen and other residues, and dryness, cleanliness, and moderate particle size distribution.