SiBaCa inoculant

With the upgrading of the smelting process, some traditional metallurgical materials have been unable to support the use of new processes. The SiBaCa inoculant is the new type of composite material after the birth of this kind of material. The advantages of SiBaCa inoculant are numerous, in many The industry can see the use of SiBaCa inoculant, but today we are focusing on the role of SiBaCa inoculant in the cast iron industry.

Cast iron is a kind of cheaper material than steel. Now cast iron is widely used in construction, medical and other industries, and SiBaCa inoculant is an important ferroalloy product for producing spheroidal graphite cast iron and gray cast iron sputum. It has a remarkable effect of preventing the shrinkage of castings, and has the advantages of desulfurization, deoxidation, degassing and purification.

SiBaCa inoculant for the production of ductile iron

In the production of ductile iron, it is often necessary to graphitize the cast iron. The addition of a certain amount of SiBaCa inoculant can effectively prevent the formation of carbides in the iron and promote the precipitation and spheroidization of the graphite. Therefore, in the production of ductile iron, SiBaCa inoculant are an important inoculant (helping to precipitate graphite) and spheroidizing agents, which are of great use in the production of ductile iron.

With the increasing use of cast iron in the industry, SiBaCa inoculant is also used frequently in the cast iron industry. Thanks to the advantages of SiBaCa inoculant, the quality of cast iron can be better improved in the process of using cast iron. Reducing the production cost of manufacturers to enhance the interests of manufacturers, now SiBaCa inoculant is purchased by many cast iron industry manufacturers, the reason is only a little "SiBaCa inoculant cast iron industry is very useful!"

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