Recarburizer Stir Method In Using

We have learned a lot about the application of recarburizers, especially in the selection of recarburizer materials, recarburizer content, recarburizer particle size, recarburizer color, recarburizer absorption rate, etc. In the process of use, the most important thing for all of us is how much to add and how to stir.


1. The purpose of the first stirring is to better improve the contact between the recarburizer and the molten iron. By stirring, the recarburizer is fully diffused and absorbed, so as to improve the efficiency of the carbon increase.

2. The addition of the recarburizer is generally added to the furnace with other furnace materials, so the importance of uniform and vigorous stirring can be more obvious. Even stirring can also reduce the nitrogen content in the carburizer.

3. In the process of adding the recarburizer, pay attention to avoid being drawn into the slag by the graphite recarburizer.