Recarburizer Particle Size Using Skills

In the purchase of recarburizers, many purchasers often consider the appropriate recarburizer manufacturer from the perspective of price and product quality, but in fact, the particle size of the recarburizer must not be ignored, otherwise it will affect the production quality.
During the casting process, if the particle size of the recarburizer is less than 0.2 mm, it will be found to be very easy to lose. With the development of casting, the amount of the recarburizer will be higher and higher, and the loss will be greater. The current market Most of the recarburizers are 1-5 millimeters. The use of this type of recarburizer will make the casting more uniform and the effect is better. Of course, the recarburizers with different particle sizes should also be selected according to the needs of the production process.
In addition, the length of time that the recarburizer stays in the molten iron will also affect the production quality. If the temperature of the molten iron is higher, the stirring effect in the electric furnace is better. The diffusion rate and density of the recarburizer are directly related. Therefore, there are many factors that affect the production quality when using recarburizers, but choosing the right recarburizer particle size is an issue that must not be ignored in terms of production.
It can be seen that in addition to the price and quality of the carburizing agent, the particle size of the carburizing agent is also a problem to be paid attention to. When choosing the size of the carburizing agent, it is better to use the production process. The demand to reasonably choose the right size of the recarburizer product.