Recarburizer Application in Furnace

The use of carburizing agent has a certain buffering effect on the furnace bottom, which also protects the function of the furnace bottom. The application of the recarburizer inside the furnace is different from the application outside the furnace. 


(1) Carburizing agent is used for melting in an intermediate frequency furnace. The raw materials can be added to the bottom of the furnace according to the proportion or carbon equivalent requirements, and the recovery rate can reach more than 95%.

(2) If the carbon content is not enough to adjust the carbon content, the slag should be cleaned first. Then, a carbonizing agent is added, and the carbon is dissolved and dissolved by heating the molten iron, electromagnetic stirring or manual stirring. When the temperature of the molten iron is low, add all the carburetor into the molten iron at one time. At the same time, the solid charge is pressed into the molten iron, keeping it away from the molten iron surface. The recovery rate can reach about 90%. If a low-temperature carburizing process is used, only part of the charge is melted. This method can increase the carbon content of iron by more than 1.0%.

Input method outside the furnace:

(1) Spray graphite powder inside the package

As the carbon content of the molten iron gradually increases, the carbon utilization rate decreases. The temperature of the molten iron is 1600 ° C before the temperature rises, and the average carburizing temperature is 1299 ° C. The graphite powder is selected as the carburizing agent, and the injection amount is 40kg / t. It is expected that the carbon content of the molten iron will be increased from 2% to 3%. Graphite powder injection is used for carbon reinforcement, generally using nitrogen as a carrier, but under industrial production conditions. The use of compressed air is more convenient. The combustion of oxygen in compressed air produces CO, and the CO reducing atmosphere is conducive to improving the carbon enhancement effect.

(2) Carburizing agent used in iron production

Graphite powder carburizing machine can be used or it can be entered by the iron chute with the flow. After the molten iron is generated, stir it thoroughly to make it fully dissolve and absorb carbon. Carbon recovery is around 50%.