High Quality Casting Recarburizer

Casting carburizing agent is used, which can greatly increase the amount of scrap steel, reduce the amount of pig iron or use no pig iron. Want to know what factors can affect the carburizing effect of carburizing agents? What to pay attention to to achieve the best carbon increase effect.

1. Particle size of recarburizer. The recarburization process using recarburizer includes dissolution diffusion process and oxidation loss process. The particle size of the recarburizer is different, the dissolution diffusion rate and the oxidation loss rate are also different, and the level of the recarburizer absorption rate depends on the combined effect of the recarburizer dissolution diffusion rate and the oxidation loss rate.

2. The amount of carburant added, under the same temperature and chemical composition, the saturation concentration of carbon in the molten iron is constant. At a certain saturation level, the more the amount of recarburizer is added, the longer the time required for dissolution and diffusion, the larger the corresponding loss, and the lower the absorption rate.

3.The saturation concentration is constant, and the effect of temperature on the recarburizer absorption rate. From the perspective of kinetics and thermodynamics, the oxidizing property of the molten iron is related to the equilibrium temperature of the c-si-O system. The recarburizer has the highest absorption rate.

4.The effect of stirring the molten iron on the absorption rate of the recarburizer and recarburizer. Stirring is conducive to the dissolution and diffusion of carbon and reduces the recarburizer floating on the surface and being burnt. The appropriate stirring time of the molten iron should be suitable to ensure that the carburizing agent is completely dissolved.

5. The influence of the chemical composition of the molten iron on the absorption rate of the recarburizer shows that in the pure actual production process, manganese should be added first, then carbon, and then silicon.