Graphitized petroleum coking carbonizer

The graphitized petroleum coke recarburizer is petroleum coke or pitch coke, which is placed in a graphitization furnace. After a high temperature above 2800 ° C, all sulfur, nitrogen and volatiles will be removed by chemical reactions. Graphitized recarburizer is a low-quality, high-carbon recarburizer with low sulfur, low nitrogen, and high carbon in steelmaking and casting.

Depending on the source of the raw materials and the manufacturing process, the graphite recarburizer can be divided into the following four types: graphitized pitch coke, graphitized petroleum coke, artificial graphite particles, and electrode broken.

1. Product use and scope:

Carburant widely used in steel smelting and casting process, especially suitable for special steel production. It can also be used as an adsorbent for heavy metal wastewater treatment and as a raw material for graphite cathodes in aluminum electrolytic cells. It is an optional additive for the production of special steel products.

2. Product Features:

(1) High fixed carbon content, low sulfur content, low nitrogen content, stable carbon increasing effect.

(2) The absorption rate is high, and it can reach more than 90%.

(3) Effectively reduce the effect of nitrogen on body tissues.

(4) No smoke and dust during use, which is conducive to clean the operating environment, and it will reduce the impact on the site environment and the harm to the operator to a certain extent.