Graphite Recarburizer

Recarburizer is a kind of product with carbon content. In the process of iron and steel smelting, the carbon content is often lost. The recarburizer can quickly and usefully add carbon in molten steel. The recarburizer is generally divided into refining. Steel recarburizer and casting recarburizer, recarburizer can effectively save cost in the foundry industry, using scrap steel instead of pig iron, but the carbon content of scrap is too low, it is almost carbon-free, so it needs to be replenished with carbonizer. Carbon, then the selection of recarburizers is very important. Graphite recarburizer is the most useful one in casting. Graphite recarburizer refers to the molecular structure modification of carbon products through high temperature or other methods, and regular arrangement. This molecular arrangement means that the molecular distance of carbon is more Wide, more conducive to differentiation and nucleation in molten iron or molten steel.

graphite recarburizer

Graphite recarburizers currently on the market generally come from two types, one is graphite electrode waste and the other is graphitized petroleum coke product. Graphite powder is a widely used product, and its product models are also divided into various types. Now, graphite powder can be used in the fields of wear resistance, metallurgy, steelmaking, etc., and even in the aerospace category, graphite powder is also used. Graphite powder can be used in the manufacture of cast iron, because graphite powder has the characteristics of iron alloy with small thermal expansion coefficient, and the change of the quenching and rapid heat can be used as the casting mold. The graphite powder is used to obtain the accurate scale of the casting, and the surface finish is high. It can be used without production or a little production, thus saving a lot of metal.

Graphite powder can be used to make powder metallurgy technology such as hard cast iron, and graphite powder is often used to make stamper and porcelain boat for sintering. The crystal growth of single crystal silicon, the region's essence of the container, the bracket fixture, the induction heater, etc. are all made of high-purity graphite powder. In addition, graphite powder can also be used as vacuum-refined graphite powder insulation board and base, high-temperature resistance furnace tube, rod, plate, grid and other components.