Ferrosilicon 72 and ferrosilicon 75B between difference for used.

Q: Hello! I need to purchase a batch of ferrosilicon 75 now, but I know that ferrosilicon 75 can be divided into A and B. I asked someone to say that ferrosilicon 75B is actually ferrosilicon 72, and I saw the ferrosilicon 75B. The price is cheaper than ferrosilicon 75A. Is ferrosilicon 75B a ferrosilicon 72?

A: Ferrosilicon 75B is a model of ferrosilicon 75. Ferrosilicon 75 can be divided into three grades of A/B/C. Many people say that ferrosilicon 75B is ferrosilicon 72. In fact, there are certain errors, silicon. Iron 75B is called soft ferrosilicon 75. The internal silicon content is 73~75%, while the silicon content of ferrosilicon 72 is generally between 72~73%. Compared with ferrosilicon 72 ferrosilicon 75B, the silicon content is relatively high, the price is relatively high. Naturally, it is slightly higher than the ferrosilicon 72!


Of course, if you are not particularly rigorous about the silicon content of ferrosilicon 75B, you can purchase ferrosilicon 72 as a smelting material, but some steel mills or foundries have stricter silicon content cards, so you must purchase ferrosilicon 75B or sufficient. Ferrosilicon 75A as a smelting material!

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