Ferro silicon Powder

Ferrosilicon powder is a powdered chemical powder. In fact, this powder is a combination of silicon powder and iron powder. This powder has been widely used in many fields. In fact, like chemical elements, it can be seen in the chemical industry, in the industry, or in the machinery industry. For these chemical elements, I also have experience in this industry in this industry. After learning about this industry, I found that the prospects of this industry should be very good, so if manufacturers need this product, they can find us directly. Buy a consultation or study.

1. The surface of silica should be free of pebbles; silica has good mechanical strength and explosion resistance; the particle size should be 80-140mm.

2, blue carbon, fixed carbon content greater than or equal to 82%, particle size 8-18mm, water content less than or equal to 16%, less than or equal to 5% under the sieve, volatile content less than or equal to 8%, ash content is less than or Equal to 8%.

3. Electrode paste. The appearance quality of the electrode paste should be acceptable, and this part must not contain impurities or water droplets.

4, particles, particles having a water content of less than or equal to 0.8% and an iron content of greater than or equal to 60%.

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