Different Specification Graphite Electrode for Steel Making

Graphite electrode is one type of high temperature graphite conductive material, which is based on the raw materials of petroleum coke and pitch coke as aggregate and coal tar pitch as binder. The graphite electrodes are easier to process, always adopt the milling process and high speed graphite processing center, the process of milling is two to three times faster than other process and do not need the manual handling, through the high speed graphite processing ceter the processing rate will be faster and more efficient, what is more, it can protect the environment do not cause the dust problem.

graphite electrode for steel making
The graphite electrode are usually used for arc furnace which is for steel making, this graphite electrode for steel making introduce a current into the furnace and intoated an arc between the electrode and the charge to smelt; It can also be used for submerged arc furnace to manufacture industry metal and yellow phosphorus and used for resistance furnace to manufacture graphite products, molten glass and produce silicon carbide; what is more, it can be used to produce specifical graphite products such as crucible, mould and heatinf elements etc.
The graphite electrodes are mainly used for steel making, along with the development of steelmakimg techonology towards to large scale and super high power, then the matched graphite electrodes are mainly with large size and high power, there are generally exited the diameter∮200mm,400mm etc graphite electrode, at present, the use of ∮600mm,700mm large graphite electrode is also very widely, the length is always between 1600mm to 2700mm.
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