Columnar Recarburizer

The use of recarburizer in casting can greatly increase the amount of scrap steel, reduce the amount of pig iron or not. Most of the recarburizers are suitable for electric furnace smelting, and there are a few recarburizers with particularly fast absorption speeds used in cupola furnaces. For the feeding method of electric furnace smelting, the carburizing agent should be put into the furnace together with scrap steel and other furnace materials. The addition of small doses can be added to the surface of the molten iron. It is also known as columnar recarbonizer.

columnar recarburizer

The name of the columnar recarburizer mainly comes from its unique appearance. In fact, the real columnar recarburizer mainly refers to graphite recarburizer. The columnar recarburizer is widely used in the casting industry. The consumption is a very large number.

When using columnar recarburizer, it is recommended to place the bottom of the electric furnace with one third of the charge, then place the calculated columnar recarburizer on the charge, and then place the remaining charge on top as required. Some broken charge is pressed on the recarburizer to prevent floating from affecting the absorption rate. When adding the columnar recarburizer, a small amount of iron cutting, scrap steel, and recycled materials should be added to basically ensure that the absorption of the columnar recarburizer is more than 90% , The highest can reach 95%, the temperature can reach 1560℃, and the slag can be discharged from the furnace. Do not finish the molten iron in the furnace, reserve a part of the molten iron, and then add the columnar recarburizer and iron scrap steel. Avoid adding the columnar recarburizer directly. Otherwise, the carburant will be burned too much. It is better to reserve a part of the molten iron at the bottom of the furnace to add it, or put a part of the iron pin at the bottom of the furnace, so that the absorption rate will be higher.