Casting Recarburizer Content

The use of cast carburizing agent to adjust the chemical composition can increase the carbon content and improve the structure and properties of cast iron. It can also use relatively inexpensive charge to reduce production costs. Or, in order to obtain a better carbonization effect, a branded product carbonizer from a foundry material specialty factory can be used in production.

1.The most important component of casting carburizing agent is carbon, and its role is to increase carbon, but the quality of different carburizing agents is not the same, for example: graphite-based, calcined petroleum coke-based, calcined coal, natural stone Ink, waste electrode scrap, granule recycling, etc., the main component is carbon. It is certain that the higher the carbon content, the lower the basic impurities (basic impurities generally refer to ash, volatiles, etc.). Another is the component. The content of sulfur and nitrogen, the role of sulfur is relatively clear for everyone. The inclusion of a certain amount of sulfur in cast iron can better improve the physical properties of castings. In recent years, the nitrogen content has also been widely studied by everyone. The nitrogen content is too high, which causes nitrogen pores. , Nitrogen content is too low, the hardness of the casting does not go up, ferrite is more, in general, the nitrogen content of the molten iron is controlled between 80ppm, then the nitrogen content of the carburizer cannot be too high.

2.In the process of using a recarburizer to recarburize, the recarburizer has a recarburization absorption and oxidation loss. Different forms and particle sizes of the recarburizer have different effects on carbon absorption and loss, such as graphite briquettes, graphite Electrode debris has a large surface area wetting. In the case of iron, the increase in carbon absorption rate is high, and the particle size of the recarburizer is small, so that the rate of recarburization is fast, and the rate of oxidation loss is also fast. Therefore, in the production, the type and particle size of the recarburizer should be properly selected according to the furnace diameter and capacity of the furnace type and the method of adding the recarburizer.