Black Silicon Carbide Popular Size

The second half of the year has reached the peak sales season of black silicon carbide, especially high-quality black silicon carbide is in short supply and even out of stock. Then some customers will ask if all black silicon carbide will be out of stock? We know the standard of black silicon carbide, there are many particle sizes, not all of them will be out of stock.

No matter what brand or product, there are selling products and non-selling products. Of course, this is also the case for black silicon carbide abrasives. Black silicon carbide can be called differently according to different classifications, such as black silicon carbide abrasives, black silicon carbide fine powder, black silicon carbide sand, black silicon carbide segment sand, etc., but different names, Sales are also different.

Today we mainly discuss the best-selling particle size of black silicon carbide. The granularity of black silicon carbide can be divided into many different granularities, 8 #, 4 #, 16 #, 20 #, 22 #, 24 #, 30 #, 36 #, 40 #, 46 #, 54 #, 60 #, 70 #, 80 #, 90 #, 100 #, 120 #, 150 #, 180 #, 220 #, 240 #, 280 #, 300 #, 320 #.

Among these many granularity numbers, the most commonly used by customers in the market is the granularity number of the blackened silicon factory, which is not the thickest or the finest, but 16 #, 24 #, 30 #, 36 # , 40 #, 46 #, the black silicon carbide of these particle size numbers, whether it is first-level black silicon carbide, second-level black silicon carbide, third-level black silicon carbide, sales are very good in the market.

From the classification of black silicon carbide particle size, we have explained the currently popular particle size numbers. We will also compare the use of black silicon carbide in this area on the market today. That is, black silicon carbide sells well. The main uses of silicon carbide come down to refractories and abrasive tools and the semiconductor industry.

 is a comprehensive company integrating R & D, production, sales and service of silicon carbide. The black silicon carbide sells 16 #, 24 #, 30 #, 36 #, 40 #, 46 #. Our company has sufficient supply. At the same time, our company can also produce non-standard products according to customer needs, products with special needs, products with a wide range of distribution, and products with different contents.