88 silicon carbide advantages

88 silicon carbide is kind of composite ferro alloy product through carbonization process, which is the product of the improvement of the steelmaking technology. Compared with traditional steelmaking materials, 88 silicon carbide has a slower deoxidation time, which can effectively improve steelmaking efficiency. Therefore, 88 silicon carbide is the first choice for the steelmaking manufacturers in the situation of environmental protection.


With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, people’s concept of environmental protection are becoming more and more profound, 88 silicon carbide is an environmentally ferroalloy material that reduces environmental pollution during production, which is a very good smelting material for environmental protection actions.

88 silicon carbide can replace the traditional silicon powder, carbon powder as deoxidation metallurgical material in the process steelmaking. What’s more, it also can achieve good deoxidation effect with short time, save energy and improve steelmaking efficiency and steel quality. In addition, 88 silicon carbide can also improve the energy and economic benefits of electric furnaces. The advantages of 88 silicon carbide gradually win the fame of steel manufacturers.

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