88 Silicon Carbide Supplier

Silicon carbide is made of quartz sand and petroleum coke as the main raw material. It is made by high temperature smelting of electric resistance furnace. Its hardness is between corundum and diamond. The mechanical strength is higher than corundum, and it is brittle and sharp. Has a certain conductivity and thermal conductivity. Used to make abrasive tools, suitable for processing metal and non-metal materials with low tensile strength. Such as gray cast iron, non-ferrous metals, stone, leather, rubber, etc. Also widely used in refractory materials, metallurgical additives. The most important thing for a 88 silicon carbide supplier is the quality. Quality is everything of 88 silicon carbide supplier.

88 silicon carbide supplier

There are four main application areas for silicon carbide: functional ceramics, advanced refractory materials, abrasives and metallurgical raw materials. As a professional silicon carbide supplier, we Anyang Huatuo Metallurgy Co., Ltd. knows that different grades of silicon carbide could be used in semiconductors, lightning rods, circuit components, high temperature applications, UV detectors, structural materials, astronomy, disc brakes, clutches, diesel particulate filters, filament pyrometers, ceramic membranes, cutting tools, heating elements, nuclear fuel , jewelry, steel, protective gear, catalyst carrier and other fields. It is mainly used for grinding and polishing of grinding wheels, sandpaper, abrasive belts, oilstones, grinding blocks, grinding heads, grinding pastes and piezoelectric crystals in the monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon and electronic industries.

In the application process of steelmaking furnace, the use effect of silicon carbide is quite good. According to many situations, the effect is better, especially in smelting, increasing the graphite core, increasing the number of graphite balls of ductile iron, and improving the gray iron. The graphite form and so on are very beneficial. We anyang huatuo metallurgy company is a honest and reputed 88 silicon carbide supplier, with many experience of the industry.