6014/6517 silicon manganese

Silicon manganese alloy is produced in the ore heat stove, reduction of manganese ore (including manganese oxide) and silica with carbon to get, it is an alloy which consist of manganese, silicon, iron and small amounts of carbon and other elements. It is a ferroalloy that widely used.


For the silicon manganese alloy which used in steelmaking, the silicon and manganese have strong affinity with oxygen, which produced deoxidation products MnSiO3 and MnSiO4 melts are 1270℃ and 1327℃, have the advantage of low melting point,large particles, easy to float, deoxidation effect. Under same conditions, the burns ratio when use the manganese and silicon alone is 46% and 37% as deoxidizer, when use silicon manganese alloy the burn ratio is just 29%.

There are two types of silicon manganese in China include Si17Mn65 and Si14Mn60, generally processing into the 10-70mm/10-100mm (standard size), packing in 1MT big bags, because it is mainly used for steelmaking, generally the demand is relatively large.

Model Si Mn C P S
FeMn65Si17 17-19%  65-68% 2.0%max 0.25%max 0.04%max
FeMn60Si14 14-16% 60-63% 2.5%max 0.3%max 0.05%max

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