silicon aluminum calcium

Silicon Aluminum Calcium
  • Name:Silicon Aluminum Calcium

  • Al: 5%,15%% etc

  • Shape: lump

  • Ca:5%,15% etc.

  • Usage: Deoxidation,desulfurization and refining of molten steel

Silicon-aluminum-calcium alloy has a variety of deoxidizing components, has the characteristics of low melting point, rapid diffusion, full deoxidization, promoting desulfurization..

The calcium-based elements in sialac alloy can effectively spheroidize the inclusions in the molten steel and change the inclusions, so as to purify the molten steel.

Silicon-aluminum-calcium alloy is widely used in the process of rapid steelmaking in front of the furnace and refining outside the furnace, which can improve the smelting speed, shorten the smelting time and reduce the cost of steelmaking

 It has a varitety of deoxidizing components,low melteing point ,fast diffusion ,obvious deoxidation effect.
★  It can promote desulfurization ,remove impurities and purify molten steel ,it can also increase the speed of smelting and reduce the cost of steel making .

Model Si Al Ca C
SiAlCa 10-40% 5-20% 5-20% 1.0%max