what is recarburizers

What is recarburizers?  According to the name will know, it is used to increase the content of carbon in molten steel.


In the process of smelting, because of improper ingredients or loading and excessive decarburization, sometimes will cause the content of carbon in molten steel could not reach the expected requirements, at this time need to add the recarburizers. The general used furnace charge are pig iron, steel scrap and back furnace charge, for the pig iron, the content of carbon is high, but the purchase price is much higher than the steel scrap, so need to throw into much more steel scrap, and to cut down the quantity of pig iron, but at this time, the content of carbon in the molten steel will not meet the requirement, so you can add the carbon additive to meet the carbon content required. It means add the carburant can cut down the cost for the castings.

There are much more types of the recarburizers, such as petroleum coke, carbon-increasing pig iron, electrode powder, charcoal powder and coke powder. The widely used recarburizer is the petroleum coke, it is the by-product from the refined crude oil, the raw petroleum coke has high impurity content and can not be directly used as a recarburizer. It must be calcined first, and the raw petroleum coke is calcined at 1200-1350℃ to remove sulfur, moisture and volatile matter, so as to become substantially pure carbon.

How to choose the suitable recarburizers? Generally speaking, if the particle size is smaller, the contact area with the molten steel is bigger, the efficiency will be higher to increase carbon, but if too small will be easy to be oxidation, so the lower limit of the particle size of carbon additive is 1.5mm. In order to control the particle size, you need to choose the manufacturers with much more experience, exactly Anyang Huatuo Metallurgy Co.,Ltd has in this for more than 20 years, who have get public praise from the domestic and foreign, if you have any need, just contact us.