turn waste into treasure silicon slag is not the real slag

When it comes to "slag," many people think that slag is equivalent to waste, but there is another product in the ferroalloy industry, that is, silicon slag, which is a waste produced in production by many laymen, so it should be disposed of and thrown away in time. However, silicon slag is a representative ferroalloy product in ferroalloy industry.

What is silicon slag?

Silicon slag is the slag produced in the production of ferrosilicon or metal silicon alloy products. Taking ferrosilicon slag as an example, it is easy to produce ferrosilicon residue during the production of ferrosilicon because of the high temperature in the furnace. The production of good ferrosilicon needs to be broken into the size of the customer, so that in the process of crushing will produce slag, which is the source of ferrosilicon slag.

Silicon slag is not the real "slag"!

Many outsiders think that silicon slag is a waste of ferroalloy products. In fact, silicon slag has many advantages. Silicon slag contains a certain amount of silicon element, so it can also deoxidize in steelmaking. For example, the silicon ferric 75 slag is better than the silicon iron 65 deoxidization effect. On the other hand, the silicon slag can also be reheated in the metallurgical field. Silicon slag is also a sharp tool to increase the profits of the manufacturers, because the silicon slag is cheaper in price. As a result, silicon slag can greatly reduce the cost of materials used in metallurgy and increase the profit of the factory.

Silicon slag itself is the slag of ferrosilicon and metal silicon, the price is cheaper than that of ferrosilicon and metal silicon, and the market advantage of ferroalloy is very obvious. Therefore, with the price increase of ferrosilicon, many manufacturers have purchased silicon slag products. To reduce the burden of metallurgical materials, silicon slag is not a real slag, is a "waste to treasure" an obvious advantage of ferroalloy products.