silicon metal 97

Silicon metal 97 can be also called off-grade silicon in China, different countries has different standard. There are three different levels of silicon metal in China, the first level is the content of silicon beyond 99.0%, the second level is the content of silicon not less than 98%, and the third level is the content of silicon not less than 97%, often call it silicon metal 97 or off grade silicon. In Russia, there are five different levels of the silicon metal, KP3, KP2,KP1,KP0 and KP000, the KP3 is the silicon content not less than 96%, KP2 is the content of silicon not less than 97%, the KP1 and KP0 is not less than 98%, KP000 is not less than 99%. In Germany, it just one types of the silicon metal called Si98, the content of silicon is from 97% to 99%. In Japan, it is divided into two types of MSi1 and MSi2, then content of silicon is not less than 98% and 97%. From the standard in China or overseas, the content of silicon is all more than 96%, for the content of other impurities like iron, aluminum and calcium will be the lower the better.


The silicon metal 97 is main used as the alloy additive for the non-ferrous metal. Adding the silicon metal into some non-ferrous metal can improve strength, hardness and wear-resistance of the base metal, sometimes can also improve the casting and welding performance, for example it contains 3% silicon in the silicon lead brass which can be used to produce casting bearing and bushing. In all types of the non-ferrous metal, the most used is into the aluminum alloys such as silicon aluminum alloy, magnesium aluminum alloy and hard aluminum etc, the using amount in aluminum alloy as alloy additive for the silicon metal is more than 70% of total production of silicon metal.

Of course, there are other applications for the silicon metal 97, such as the deoxidizer, reducing agent, the material of semi-conductor etc, the price of the silicon metal 97 is cheaper than silicon metal 98 or 99.

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